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Woodcrest Worldwide is an online church offering messages, ministry, and inspiration for those who want to know and experience God. We believe that spiritual growth can happen at any time and in any place. Join us in our journey to discover what it means to live a life connected to God.

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Who We Are

What is at the center of the vision and calling of Woodcrest? What is our reason for being? What defines our assignment and catalyzes our devotion? We sum it up in three words – To Reach, Teach and Send. This … Continue reading

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Robbie Seay Band in Concert March 15, 2015.

Heart to Heart

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Pastor Tim Bounds from Windsor Crossing in St. Louis joined us this weekend for our Heart To Heart series. He challenged us with the concept of Sabbath rest.


As followers of Christ, we are admonished to be confident in the Lord, but warned against the destructiveness of pride. In this series, we hope to provide both a diagnostic tool and a practice by which to acknowledge and address the problem of pride before it destroys us.


What if, right here, in the thick of our ordinary lives, we encountered someone who cared, who heard our most desperate prayers? If that is what we’re really after, maybe this Easter season that is the MIRACLE we will really get.

Times and Seasons

The Psalms help us navigate the ups and downs of life. They give our soul vocabulary for what is stirring just below the surface.  So no matter where you find yourself, we invite you to join us the next three weekends for Times & Seasons.

Twenty Years: Celebrating Dr. Rod Casey

Join us as we celebrate Dr. Rod Casey and his twenty years of service in ministry here at Woodcrest.